top of page is the software stack that comprises the AI/data integration layer, business logic layer, and a presentation layer. The raw sensor data goes through a series of processing, such as de-duplication (as the pig sensor data could be picked up by more than one aggregator), correlation, etc. It is then analysed using complex ML algorithms in the data integration layer and stored/pushed into the business logic layer for further processing. 


The presentation layer comprises an easy-to-access menu to perform various user-related tasks and a powerful drill-down dashboard. Based on the pre-established thresholds for various sensors, alert notifications are generated and surfaced via the dashboard, SMS, and email. 


The dashboard provides various KPIs, including average values of various sensor readings, anomaly observed for the filtered duration, trends and patterns, etc. Dashboards also provide an at-a-glance view of the actionable insights at the barn level. 


The mobile-first solution, accessible from anywhere through smartphone or tablet, enables the barn owner/admin to easily:

  • Add/move pigs to the pen/barn 

  • Tag BaconBitTM to a pig

  • Create thresholds for various alerts 

  • Create calendar/task for farmhands

  • Set up user roles and access for the system

with PorkLogic


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