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A data-driven approach to livestock animal wellness

Advanced data analytical capabilities to track, course-correct, and enhance swine management

Inefficient pig farm practices

The risks and threats to pigs raised in a large barn environment are aplenty and far-reaching. Not only are the animals vulnerable to disease, but if it is not effectively handled, it could lead to high rates of mortality and increased usage of antibiotics.

Studies show that the overall mortality rate among swine is somewhere between 10 and 12 percent, representing a potential annual loss of $2.6 billion in the US pork industry.

The question then arises as to whether barns ensure their workers are equipped with the right data and technology to handle such risks and plug holes in the operations. 

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Bringing deep tech to livestock wellness

What if you could bring the best of technologies and analytical capabilities for the continuous monitoring of livestock and actionable insights on their wellness?

PorkLogic facilitates the end-to-end management of livestock wellness. By providing wearables for your livestock and harnessing deep tech like IoT, AI, advanced machine learning models, and cloud technology we help you to improve Swine health management and enhanced farm practices.

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